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Lebaran Festival – Eid Al Fitr 2013

Idul Fitri, 8 and 9 August 2013

Lebaran festival or Idul Fitri (Eid al Fitr) in Indonesia and is one of the major national public holidays which is the most significant Muslim festival in Islamic Calendar. This time period, the government official holiday is a week which is valid in the whole country; some people are extending their holiday period until they feel it is enough with the family and back to the normal activity.

It is celebrated on the end of Ramadhan – the holy month for Moslem.  During the Ramadhan, Moslem does praying in the evening daily and also observes fasting throughout the month. The fasting is started from sunrise till sunset for the whole month (30 days).

Prior  this Lebaran Holiday season, traffic  jams are legendary very busy in all of part in Indonesia ; this is a mass exodus on a biblical scale.  Millions of Indonesians rush home to celebrate Lebaran  festival (or we call it “mudik”).  Since it is considering the longest holiday in Indonesia, not only Muslim doing this mudik activity. The experience said that the whole week before / after the festival, the road will be pack of cars, bikers, buses. The harbor are very busy, the queue can be more than 12 hours.  Price of public transportation are getting 200% expensive than usual cost with limited or almost no seat available. This is not only happened for the people inside the country, but also the people who are working outside Indonesia, they will try to be home during this holiday Festival.

Hotel and Villas in Bali are usually booked during the week of Eid Al Fitr. Most guests are coming from Jakarta or Surabaya, they are the business people (mostly are not Moslem) who wish to enjoy their getaway while this holiday season.

The Indonesian celebrate Eid ul Fitr with great enthusiasm and peace and most of part in South East Asia celebrates this great festival of Eid too. The old tradition which is still happening up to now, The Muslim people wear new clothes and distribute sweets, food, giving the angpaw (similar like Chinese) to the young people or kid.

During this Lebaran festival season Banks, government and private offices, schools and most shops are close for almost one week in Indonesia. This is also happened in Malaysia and Singapura.

All of Sujika Bali Team wish you Happy Eidil Fitri to all Muslim and Enjoy!