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Nyepi “Silence Day In Bali”!

12 of March is Silence day in Bali. No activities will be done by the whole world of people in Bali. Its called Nyepi!

A day before, there will be a very big parade of  Ogoh Ogoh. This parades are prepared far in advance, a month or two, mostly prepare by the young Balinese generation. Every Banjar (the area called in Bali) has their own Ogoh Ogoh, sometimes one Banjar has two of them. Starting 7 pm all people will be going out to do this procession. After the parade is over, this Ogoh Ogoh will be burned in the gate of the Banjar as this Ogoh Ogoh is symbol of evil.

Nyepi is started from 6 am on 12th of March and will be finished at 6 pm the following day!