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Sasak Traditional Tour

Sasak Traditional Tour

This eight hours tour to visit part of Lombok island, culture, unique and beautiful view of nature.This tour gives you more descriptions of the native Sasak along with their daily life, culture, and tradition which had been handed down from one generation to another generation in olden days

Duration : 8 hours
Price  is USD 75 per person with a minimum of 4 people in the trip.
Visiting :

  • Ampenan – the oldest and historical city of Lombok
  • Banyumuletk Pottery Villas
  • Sukarara Hand Weaving Village
  • Rambitan / Sade of Sasak Traditional House
  • Kuta Beach of Lombok
  • Tanjung A’an

Ampenan Village
The historical city in Lombok, its  used to be an old port during Dutch Colonial Occupation where the style of old architecture is still easily seen around the town, especially if you just go towards the beach to the west.

Banyumulek Pottery Village;
This place is where the pottery  made traditionally by hand made with unique in style and high in quality,  still exists currently and it has been recognized by international world for the enormous elaborately decorated pots

Sukarara Traditional Hand Weaving Village;
Weaving village of Sukarara whose employs the skills handed down for a hundred years ago, still manually made. Every visitor gets the opportunity of trying  weaving gedogan using simple looms using the local costumes with your partner.

Rambitan / Sade Sasak traditional village
Rambitan and Sade are the two traditional Sasak villages sitting between the roadside and the rice fields.This village shows you the unique way of life of the “Sasaks” the native inhabitants of Lombok. Its Offering you to see a glimpse of life .
Sasak villages are distinctively marked by grass-roofed-houses symmetrically constructed on wood frames and most with bamboo-walls. Bale is the construction for a living house, built with a single room functioning both as a sleeping room and kitchen. Lumbung is a curve-like construction functions as a rice store.  Most Sasak houses are built with a lumbung and some also include sekepat or sekenem, construction which functions as guest reception or meeting place.

Kuta beach of Lombok
Spend your lunch time in this area while having the Kuta Sea Breeze served by local friendly staff.

Tanjung A’an
Just 5 kilometers apart from Kuta Beach, you will find white sand crystal beach that is very inviting for you to swim. this white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water are perfect for swimming and sun bathing, great surfing, also a good base for exploring the alluring the southern coastline.

Sasak Traditional Tour Inclusion:

  • An air conditioned car with driver
  • An experienced and licensed guide who will explain you every point you see and anything you want to know about Lombok
  • Donation fees for all temples or any tourist object where you need to visit.
  • Parking fees

What to wear : Casual Dress
What To Bring : Swim Suit, Handy Cam, Camera, sun glasses, sun block cream, mosquito repellent (cream or spray)
This tour is started at 9 am in the morning after you have your breakfast in your hotel, the early you start, it will give you more time on the beach to swim at the crystal beach of Tanjung A’an.

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